Anders Birger | The Sichuan Quake
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The Sichuan Quake

As we are coming up to the five year mark of one of the worst natural catastrophes in our time, I thought I would revisit my work from the 2008 earthquake that hit the Sichuan province in China.

I was visiting China with journalist Lisa Ioannou as we were working on a story about industrial pollution and it’s impact on newly born babies.

We were in the middle of checking in to a hotel many hundred kilometres away from the epicentre when the high rise began to sway. It only lasted for a few minutes and afterwards we were laughing with the locals in the street, relieved that it was over and there were no harm done.

Little did we know of the horror and incredible tragedies that were playing out simultaneously in the neighbouring region.

An estimated 68.000 lives were lost.


June 9, 2008